Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So a lot has happened, I will try to update you as best as I can.  The three most important things that have happened are:
1. I am coming home in January now. There are many many reasons for this change, the most important of which being school. The schools here are very very different. So in the United States, each year you take a different class. For example, in sciences, freshman year you take Biology, in Sophmore year you take Chemistry, and Junior year you take Physics. Here, they have been taking Chem, Bio, and Physics all four years, but they only take it like 3 times a week, so they get through like a fourth of the material. So now I am taking Chem (which I took last year) so what they learn there I have already learned so it probably won't count when I get back, but then for Physics, I don't understand anything because I don't have the basics. It is the same for math, and for History, and for EVERYTHING. so it's hard. So i really don't know how much is going to count when i come back. So I have to come back so that I can learn things haha. And plus, my new family is expecting me to leave then, so i have to.

2. I switched families. My old family was just very cold. They completely ignored me and it was so awkward all the time and i didn't feel like i was at home or comfortable at i told my tutor and she got me out immediately, and that weekend i happened to be going to orientation, so then i went to orientation and when i came back my new family was there to pick me up. but my new family is SO cool. it is amazing. i love it so much, i feel so comfortable and happy and ahh. it's so much better!!! :] :] :] :].

3. I had my "6 week" orientation last weekend. It was from thursday to sunday and we pretty much just talked about family, and school, and the language. it was nice, i met a bunch of really really nice other exchange students. and it was just with our region so everyone i met is relatively near me which was great. so that was nice.

so basically my life has changed a lot for the better. i am much much happier now :]. i am getting internet on monday so more posts to come! :]