Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So my mom just came in and told me that I can't get my visa until I know what school I will be going to. so we'll see when that happens.  I hope soon...I need my visa in order to go and now that I do not know my school, I can't get it for a while..

I hear that visas take a long time.  Everyone in my Italy group has been showing a lot of confusion over the whole process.  My mom said that you need like 12 different documents and both natural parents there and the AFS website says you have to go all the way to Philly, but my mom found out that there is a person here who will do it.

So yeah.  Camp is in a week and a half!!!! I can't wait.  Camp solves everything and with all of this recent Italy stress it is much needed.

Okay, I'm off to clean my room...

just kidding...

Never mind...AFS has just sent me an email stating that the family that they found for me "will not be able to host me".  F;ALSFJ;DLFJf. this is so disappointing.  Belluna was picture perfect. Right by the alps, I was a mile from town which was small enough to walk anywhere in.  They had great public transportation, and were only 50 miles from Venice.

I am so frustrated.  I mean, really? Don't tell me about my host family and get me all excited and then just say 'oh, just kidding, we're actually NOT going to put you there..sorry we'll let you know when we know where we will actually put you..'.

No.  Not okay. Ughhhhh.  I just wish that I could be put with another family in Belluna.  It was so perfect.  Like one of my friends said "it's like it's straight out of a storybook".  And on top of the beautiful small town I even had a sister my own age, which was like all I wanted.  I am so annoyed.

First they told me I'd be in Italy, then they were like oh nevermind no you can't, then yes you can.  Then you will stay in Belluna with this perfect family and have the perfect year, now no just kidding wait some more to find out your family.

ASD;LFJ;lfkj.  Oh well though, what can you do.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Host Family!!!

So today I got my host family.  I am so excited!!

I will be living in Belluno BL, Italy.  It is 80 kilometers north of venice and, from the pictures that I looked up, a relatively small town, though according to wikipedia it is the capital of the province of Belluno and the most important city in the Dolomiti's region.  It has 35,000 people, the largest populated area of Valbelluna.  It is right near the alps and it looks like there are slopes for skiing right near where I'll be, and the annual average temperature is 49 degrees fahrenheit...not exactly the warm Italian weather I was expecting, but I'll survive somehow I'm sure haha.  No it is going to be so great.  The pictures that I saw were beautiful.

There is the Piave river in the city, so maybe there will be crew.  If not, it will be just fine, but if so I might take up the opportunity.  I don't know yet though, but who knows, it's a very easy way to make friends.

In my family I have a host mom named Cinthia Stetka and a dad named Franco.  Best of all, I have a sister who is my age named Federica.  She is only 3 months older than I am.  My brother is named Giovanni, and he is 12.

I sent them an email today.  I translated it into Italian using the internet and sent it, but then when I translated it back using the same program it said that I had sent my family an email saying:
Hello! My name is Ellie Frye and I have obtained an email that I say that I will live the next year with you and your family.
Therefore you and your family are excited to get to know!  The next year is going to be narcotic.  I hope that you can get to know all the small before that he arrives, in order to render to the transition the little easiest one.  It says a tip to me approximately you!  Which thing fairies appreciate to make?  Which thing is like in Belluno?  Which school gone, Federica?
I am learning, but I do not know the sink of the Italian however I write an entire email enough, so as to I am using a website of translation.  Consequently, they are sorry if this does not have a lot of meant.  It writes I pray in Italian if speeches English I will not translate and it.  I will learn the Italian before that he arrives however, I do not take care myself!  
They are much enthusiastic.  Thanks therefore a lot for the hospitality me, I cannot attend in order to know it more best!

haha so that's unfortunate.  It made absolutely no sense and sometimes said the opposite of what I wanted.  Oh well though I hope they get the gist.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

three more months..

I have exactly three more months until I leave for Italy on September 3.  On this day, I will be going to New York to have an orientation, and then on September 4 I will be getting on a plane and going to Italy!
It's so exciting.  I still haven't gotten my host family.  I really hope they are nice and that we get along well.  I am beginning to be nervous about the whole idea of leaving.  I am scared that I won't like my family, I'm scared that I won't be able to communicate well enough to make friends, that I will come back and have lost all of my friends from the US (not on purpose, of course, just because people change and grow apart, and I will have been gone for 10 months). 

I am leaving everything that I know..for what?  I don't actually mean that and I know it, this is going to be an amazing experience and I'll always remember it and be glad that I did it..I just don't even know what I was thinking when I signed up.

Ahhh. ok well I'm going to bed now.