Friday, August 22, 2008

Another email!

So I've been waiting for another email from my host family...and I got one!! This one, thankfully, was in English.  Their English is not too bad, actually, which I guess is good.  I hope that it isn't flawless, though, because if it is just mediocre I will be able to use it as a crutch until I get a little more comfortable in Italian, and then drop that crutch once I have more experience.

The email was pretty are you, sorry we haven't written, etc.  They have just moved into a new house, and have been busy.  They said that they want to know more about me, and that they will send me pictures tomorrow (even though this email was sent on Tuesday) my research of Italian culture I have read several times that they often make specific times but don't actually follow them.  For example one might be at school and make plans with a friend, but chances are they won't really happen, it's just something to talk about.  So that will be a bit frustrating at first I am sure but I can get used to it.

I am getting very very excited.  We finally got my visa taken care of this morning.  My mom worked very hard yesterday to get all of the papers together and so now it's off to Philadelphia.  I really really hope I get it in time..but at this point I've done everything I could do and there is nothing left in my control.

Wow, it is less than two weeks away.  I can't even believe how fast this summer has gone.  It's been great, probably the best summer of my life.  And this coming year will probably be the best year of my life..well, one of them at least.  All of the excitement is hitting me, it is all going to be great.  

More later..(but who knows, maybe I'm just saying that, and won't actually stick to the plans..hmm.)

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