Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Day

So after all of my orientations, I am finally here in my apartment. (Mom, they recently moved, so the address you sent my school papers to is no longer my address I think maybe.  I will check.)

My father, Frederico, is very very nice.  His English is sort of funny, and he and I are getting along well.  I asked him what my responsibilities around the house were other than keeping my room clean and he said "Vorrei" (meaning I'd like) and then he pointed to the word "have a good time" in my Italian - English dictionary.  It was cute.  He also says he wants me to be a sister to Filippo, which will be very easy - he is so so cute.  Alessandra speaks no English, so it is hard to communicate with her right now, but she is very nice.  She is also sort of stressed because of Filippo, obviously.

School starts at the  end of this week.  I will be in a Liceo Linguistico, which specializes in language.  It is a very hard school.  They started out with a class of 28 but now there are only 19 because so many people failed/dropped out because it was too hard.  All of the boys in my class have left for an easier school, so now there are only girls.  I will be studying French, German, and English, along with all of the normal classes (Italian, History, Math, Science, Gym, etc.)

I have to get off of the computer now - internet is very expensive and I have a 10 minute limit.


Shirlee said...

Hi sweetheart,
How wonderful to hear that you are safe in your new home, and that your family has welcomed you so warmly. I know that school will be a challenge, but also know how capable you are. Don't worry - it will all work out great, and you will learn so much, not only in school, but everywhere. We are so proud of you. We are looking at the moon.
Hugs, kisses and love,

Andy Scherch said...

Wow, 10 minutes on the computer? My family has a 5 gig limit on internet before it slows considerably, but we still have a good amount of it. I hope you've been able to manage school with the language changes, it sounds quite difficult...