Thursday, September 25, 2008


So yesterday I got to play hooky and go to my friends Fernanda and Marte's school.  They are two of the other exchange students. We (all of the exchange students) had to prepare a presentation on our countries.  We were all really dreading it, but we did it anyway because we had to.  The whole presentation had to be in Italian. So we go there to use the internet lab and our Italian lesson teacher was there and she helped us a lot. We all ended up just putting all 5 countries on one poster, and each having small separate speeches.  On the poster we wrote the words to our national anthem, and glued a map of our country and its flag on.  All of our speeches basically started out the same, and we just filled in the blanks with different words. For example, my name is ____ and I am ___ years old. I am _____ (American). This is the _______, and then you say the name of your country in both Italian and your native language, and point at it on the poster. Then you describe your flag, and then you play your national anthem on the cd player. Then the speeches got more personal. We told our Italian tutor what we wanted to say and told her the words that we knew and she helped us with the ones that we didn't. Then today we had to present them.  We went to each one of our schools, but at Hanbo's school and at Fernanda/Marte's school we had to do it in a big room and a bunch of classes came. But at my school and Kylie's school we just presented in our classrooms. And tomorrow I don't have school either because if the weather cooperates we are going to the thermal pools here to go swimming which will be really fun, as a reward for doing the presentations. On sunday I am going somewhere, but we aren't sure if we are going to Pisa, Roma, or the sea. I will update when I know where I am going, but any of the three sound amazing.

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Bogdaddy said...

There are *so* many wonderful things to see in Rome or Pisa. Don't forget to take a picture of you holding up the leaning tower! :) (Very touristy but a nice memory).

Glad your presentation went well. Keep at it!