Thursday, September 4, 2008


So yesterday I woke up early, picked up Tommy, and left for the airport.  My flight left at 10:30, and it was fine, I had a window seat and no one was next to me so I had a lot of room.  But then when I got there I was so confused and the JFK airport was so enormous.  And then I thought my baggage was lost but it turned out it wasn't (it's a long story).  I got on the AirTrain after that to get to the place in the airport where there is a courtesy phone where I can call the hotel where the orientation is to come pick me up, and on my AirTrain was another AFSer who was going to Spain.  So that was cool and then on our shuttle to our hotel there was a boy going to South Africa, a girl going to Turkey, the same boy going to Spain from the AirTrain, and two girls who were going to Italy with me.

And guess what?  One of them ended up being the girl who got my old family in Belluno (isn't that funny? she was the first person I met that was going to Italy...what a coincidence) but she is really really nice and I really like my own family, so whatever it doesn't matter at all, I just thought it was funny.

The orientation is pretty frustrating.  They just drill the same things into our head like all the time and everything is long and takes forever, and it is only made longer because I really want to be in Italy.  I don't think I'll mind my Rome orientation as much - at least I will be there.

More later.


Bogdaddy said...

Hang in there sweetheart. You are going to be awesome! Patience will take you farther that you know and the rewards in the end will be fantastic.

We are very proud of you.

Shirlee said...

You will be "home" with your host family before you know it. Have a great time in Rome, and don't forget to look at the moon.

Andy Scherch said...

Heh, I know all about the annoying orientations....I had to go through those same things in LA, and I couldn't stand it! Especially since things mainly involved the 19 japan semester students that were there.